Empire 72
[ Equilibrium ]

A global $2000 USD grant with no requirements and one criterion: maximum impact

The Grant

Together with Healcity, our vision is to provide a minimum-barrier grant for which success depends only upon impact.

Empire 72 funds the an annual $2,000 USD [ Equilibrium ] Grant open to all international and community non-profit groups, initiatives, or projects. Zero application fees; retroactive funding allowed; all projects eligible. Unfortunately, we are currently only able to review applications written in English and Mandarin/Chinese.

[ Equilibrium ] is defined by its focus and selection considerations:


We encourage projects directly serving:

1. Disadvantaged populations: communities such as indigenous nations, people living with disabilities, survivors of criminal or systemic oppression
2. Hard-to-reach regions: as affected by political, economic, or racial instability; rural and remote areas
3. Undercurrent causes: issues which are prohibited from public discourse, or yet to have received media coverage; or, issues which are misunderstood and/or misrepresented
4. Unfunded causes: issues which do not fall within the funding schemes of existing grants.


Additional considerations include:

1. Critical timing: we encourage projects which take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity for intervention which may not present itself in the future
2. Optimized value: projects with proposed purchases which add or multiply to the value of the grant (ie. matching schemes)

Application Procedure

Stage I: Applicants will present 1) a free-form letter of intent and 2) a detailed budget outlining proposed use of the Grant.

Stage II: Applications which pass the first round of screening will be invited to present additional information, for verification and for maximized chances of receiving the grant.

Stage III: Finalists may choose to be presented on the Equilibrium website. This facilitates further public verification and advocacy of issues to a global audience.

Funding & Support

Final awarding of the grant will be made to the successful application. Other chosen finalists, whenever possible, will be offered support through our internship resources, and invitation for accelerated application in future cycles of Equilibrium.

Furthermore, all applicants are encouraged to explore the upcoming ARX International Writing Competition and associated small-grant.

Apply Today

The submission process for the letter of intent is open through APEX, our youth leadership initiative. No application fees or personal information is collected in this process. Please send text-only letters of interest with no attachments for Stage I. To minimize barriers in application, the letter of intent is a free-form letter. In terms of guiding the writing process, we encourage applicants to consider 1) how they wish to be represented on the granting website for fundraising and 2) the 4+2 selection considerations above. Completed submissions should be sent to apex.metrovan [at] gmail.com with the following subject line: Empire 72 Equilibrium

Selection into Stage II will allow applicants to submit further information as deemed necessary or useful; successful applicants will be notified via email. Stage III will commence upon a rolling basis.

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